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Reviews and Results


The greatest endorsement of the Unconventional Guides series comes directly from the results they have produced. New blogs and small businesses have been started through the Working for Yourself guide. Artists from all over the world have used the Art and Money guide to take the marketing of their great work into their own hands.

Tens of thousands of dollars on airfare and other travel expenses has been saved. More than two million new Frequent Flyer Miles have gone into the accounts of our travel guide owners.

What People Say

My boyfriend, Cameron, used your air miles/points strategy to make over 120,000 points in six months. We both flew to Costa Rica for free in first class -- lived it up in the "Admiral's Lounge" -- then he flew himself and his brother to Alaska. Woo hoo!


I was a little bit unsure about purchasing because I've never purchased an information product like this before, but it's absolutely worth it. Even if all I end up with is the motivation and inspiration to start something, it's worth it. The guide has helped to get me out of a rut and even my day job that I hate is feeling a little brighter because I have a project that I'm loving to look forward to when the normal workday is over.


Art and Money is the most progressive, honest and motivational resource I have ever seen for artists. Keep it coming!


Thanks for putting the 70+ hours into creating such an excellent product! It's high-quality, saves me a lot of research and will help me plan for the future.


Despite the terrible currency exchange rate for me, I still think your Guide has been money well spent and is a great investment. It has provided me with entirely practical methods to go about achieving my idealistic goal of escaping the corporate rat race and owning my own life. Keep up the amazing work!